Tarot Reading For Yourself

People utilize tarot cards in two distinct ways, either to read for themselves or have a professional psychic read for them. Much can be gained from each of these types of tarot readings. This article is intended to provide an understanding of how someone is able to read their own tarot cards and how it differs from a professional tarot reading.

Many people, looking for insight into their life, visit psychics for a tarot card reading. The client is relying on the psychic to interpret the meaning of the cards. A skilled psychic knows how to create a positive intention during the reading so answers can be revealed that will help the client live a happier and fuller life. A professional psychic also has an advanced level of intuition that allows them to interpret the complete meaning of all the cards laid down.

Others take the time to learn tarot so they can read for themselves. By understanding how to interpret tarot cards a person can gain meaning into all the influences in their life at a moment in time. It is important for people to understand that the process of reading for oneself is quite different than having a psychic read for them. Interpreting your own tarot cards is not better or worse than going to a psychic, just different.

The tarot cards are illustrated to display many of the universal archetypes that permeate our shared universal consciousness and understanding of the world. Carl Jung brought the ideas of archetypes and the collective unconscious into the mainstream during the twentieth century.

When reading tarot cards for yourself you’ll be relying upon the universal meaning that people accept for each of the archetypes represented in the cards. At the same time, most importantly, you’ll be projecting your own life’s history and understanding of reality onto the cards which appear during the reading. In the same way, therapists base much of their interpretation of a patient based on his own projected understanding of himself.

Projecting your interpretation of the cards images is what makes tarot cards valuable for someone reading for themselves. This personal interpretation will allow you to consciously understand aspects of yourself, and your life, that may have been hidden. This personal projection and interpretation is much different than the use of intuition used by psychics in interpreting the tarot.

Everyone has some degree of intuition. Unfortunately in the west our culture has largely ignored the importance of intuition. As a result most people have not developed their intuition to any great degree.

Your level of intuitive ability will be very different from that of a professional psychic. A skilled psychic was likely born with a more open sixth chakra and has consciously developed their intuition over years of practice.

In summary a person reading their own cards will be relying on personal projection and interpretation of their own unconscious to gain meaning from the tarot. A psychic, reading for a client, will utilize their intention and advanced intuitive ability to interpret the tarot for the benefit of the client.

How Tarot Readings Work

The majority of people in modern day think of tarot cards as a mysterious way to tell the future. After this explanation you should be much more comfortable in how tarot cards can be used by a skilled intuitive to gain insight into a situation or provide answers to questions.

Tarot cards are, in the end, simply a deck of picture cards. It is the intended use of the cards, and the intuitive skill of the person interpreting the cards, that determines their effectiveness.

Many people write off the workings of tarot cards as an unexplainable or dark mystery. The history of the tarot is widely misunderstood by the majority of people. The use of tarot cards by occult practitioners has sullied their reputation as a positive, legitimate tool for psychics to provide more accurate readings for their clients.

Others, with a more logic based mindset, project the western psychological concepts of the “unconscious mind” onto the workings of tarot cards. Carl Jung popularized the idea of the unconscious as the deepest level of universal memory and awareness that all humans share.

Following this line of thought tarot cards could be considered just another tool (like psychotherapy or dream interpretation) to understand the unconscious mind. The symbols on the tarot cards most certainly relate to the universal archetypes explained in the writings of Carl Jung.  However the reason tarot cards can be used as an effective tool by psychics goes beyond the ideas of the unconscious mind.

We are, all of us, creating our own futures through our intentions and states of mind. The vast majority of people are not aware of this fact and end up creating their future reality unconsciously. In recent years the teachings of Abraham Hicks has helped popularize the concept of creating one’s own future.

A skilled psychic sits down with their client with the intention of using the tarot cards as a tool in understanding the client. A psychic uses their intuitive skills in interpreting the sum total of the meaning of all the cards laid down in a reading.  With this knowledge the psychic can help their client create a better future, one that will lead to greater happiness.

A psychic’s intuitive ability is directly related to the degree in which their sixth chakra has been opened. For those not familiar with chakras, each of us has an energetic body that corresponds with our psychical body. There are seven major chakras (or energetic centers) that match with a location on the physical body. The sixth chakra affects a person’s intuition, among other things.

As we are all advancing along our spiritual paths the obstructions in the chakras are gradually lessened and removed. Each person has different chakras open at different speeds.  Psychics happen to have a more open chakra than most people.

Through their intention and intuitive ability psychics utilize the universal meanings of the tarot cards to help their clients understand their current life, and situation, and create a better future reality.

The Different Kinds of Psychics

Psychic is a broad term often used to describe people with intuitive abilities. In truth psychics differ in their abilities and the methods they use to facilitate those talents. In the same way, a doctor might be a general practitioner, pediatrician, chiropractor, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and so forth.

Psychic Abilities

First we’ll go over the most common psychic abilities.

Clairvoyants are psychics with the ability to see pictures in their mind. The image may be of a person, an event, a physical object or a place. The pictures seen by a clairvoyant may have happened in the past, may be happening currently, or may be a premonition of the future.

Precognition can be thought of as a type of clairvoyance. Precognition is the ability to predict an event before it has happened.

Mental telepathy is the psychic ability to read another person’s mind.

To illustrate the differences between a clairvoyant, precognitive, or telepathic, let’s use the example of a psychic playing poker. If the psychic can see the cards that another player was holding they would be clairvoyant. If the psychic could read another player’s mind, to know which cards they held, that would be telepathy. If the psychic could tell which card a player would draw that would be precognition.

A psychic medium provides information to the client by channeling a spirit. The way that information passes from the spirit through the psychic can differ. Some psychics see a picture or hear the spirit talking to them, and then pass the message to the client. The most well know method of passing information is for the spirit to control the medium’s voice and talk to the client.

A medical intuitive is a psychic with the ability to identify the cause of an illness or even heal a client. In present day, John of God is a famous medical intuitive living in Brazil. There are many stories of John of God healing people with serious illnesses.

Psychic Techniques

Psychics are unique and each has a preferred technique for employing their abilities.

Tarot cards are used by psychics to access intuitive information about a client. During a tarot card reading a psychic may see a picture (clairvoyance) or get a feeling (intuition) about the client and their life. The psychic will then take into consideration all the tarot cards that are laid down and then pass on the information to the client.

Psychometry is the touching of a person or an object in order to connect with a client during a reading. For example, a psychic may touch their client’s hand, or hold a piece of jewelry in order to focus their psychic ability and provide more accurate information to the client.

Palm reading is the process of examining a person’s palm in order to predict their future. Some psychic palm readers may touch their client’s hands as a way of connecting to the client (psychometry) and not as a way of studying the lines or markings on the hand.

True Love

At San Diego Psychic our clients ask for help with their romantic life more than any other issue. Let’s go over why people so frequently want help with their love life, some of the common misperceptions clients have about love, and the solutions we as psychics help our clients find.

We estimate only 15% of all romantic relationships involve real love between the partners. That means that the vast majority of relationships so not have true love as the foundation. Part of the unease in most relationships can be attributed to a lack of true love. People recognized they’ve settled for less than is possible for them.

We’re all here in this lifetime to evolve spiritually. In this process of our spiritual growth we come into contact with many people we have known before in some other life. The basis of the relationship between people is often formed way before their first meeting in this lifetime.

Let’s run through an example of meeting a romantic partner from a past life. You run into somebody and feel an automatic connection. You instantly fall into a romantic relationship and feel great about the rapport you have with this person. Now the past karma between the two of you needs to play out.

San Diego Psychic helps people understand the nature of their current romantic relationship, how it plays into the plan for their life, and whether someone better will come along. Having that kind of information allows a client to make a better decision on whether to stay with someone and work out any issues they may be having.

Even those fortunate souls who have found true love are still confronted with the mutual neurosis between them. Very few people are completely balanced, well adjusted, human beings. People often need help in making a relationship work that is based on true love.

Our job as psychics is to give you all the information you need to find the best partner possible and live your life as happily as you can.

Ideal Psychic Client

At San Diego Psychic our ideal client has several characteristics. A client may be visiting a psychic just for fun or to resolve a serious issue in their life. Regardless of the importance of the reading to the client, if they can keep the following in mind they’ll receive the maximum benefit from the reading.

The best psychics, who are in the minority in our profession, sincerely want to help each client live a better life. When the client has an open mind, about the help the psychic can provide, then more and better information will be revealed in the reading.

Let’s discuss some of our most challenging clients and give you examples of what not to do in your reading. Think of a reading from the psychic’s perspective for a moment. Reading for a skeptical client is like talking with a stranger for the first time who doesn’t like you. The psychic wants to help but the doubting client is making the entire interaction unnecessarily difficult.

With a skeptical client the psychic has to carefully choose their words in order to relay the information that will help the client. The psychic is all the time wandering if this is one of those clients that will freak out over bad news.

At San Diego Psychic our most difficult readings happen with clients who won’t accept any kind of news they don’t like. If you want a so called psychic to only tell you the wonderful things going on in your life now, and in the future, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

We as psychics want to help our clients. Giving a client some information that may be hard to hear now, but will help them live a better life, is our responsibility. We can find a way to help our client surmount their current challenges. The first step is making our client aware of everything they need to know.

A competent, honest psychic sincerely wants to help their client. Go into your reading balanced and open to receiving any kind of information. Be open to suggestions for a course of action you can take now to improve your life. We want you to be happy, and you can be, if you’ll let us help you.

Abraham Hicks “Ask and It is Given”, Spiritual Book Review

In this powerful book Esther Hicks has taken the concept of each person creating their own reality to an entirely new level. Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham explain how one creates their own reality and then provides techniques one can employ to manifest what a person wants in life.

If you haven’t yet read any of Esther Hick’s books, the “teachings of Abraham” can be difficult to understand and buy into initially. According to Esther Hicks, she and her husband Jerry, were chosen by spiritually advanced beings (who call themselves Abraham) to relay information to spiritual seekers. Esther Hicks’ lack of resistance allows her to be the mouthpiece for the information that Abraham provides.

Be happy and you’ll get what you want are the core teaching of Abraham. “Ask and It Is Given” explains in detail how to get happy and stay there long enough to manifest your own desires. The following is a summary of the concepts in the book.

We are all energetic beings creating the reality we are living based on what we focus upon. Whether good or bad, if you focus your attention onto anything the universal law of attraction will bring it into your physical experience eventually.

There are three points to the creation of your own reality. Step one is the asking, which is done every time a person puts forth a new desire. Step two is handled by the universe (or the source or God) in the immediate answering of that desire. Step three is the receiving of the desire, which is up to the individual and where the vast majority of people fail.

The receiving of a desire can only happen when a person’s energetic system matches the energetic vibration of their desire. In other words, raise your energetic vibration and get what you want in life.

This raising of a person’s vibration is done through releasing of resistance in their energetic system. A person is only able to release a certain amount of resistance based on where their system is currently vibrating (called their emotional set point).

By understanding one’s own emotional set point, at any point in time, one can move systematically up the energetic ladder.  When a person has raised the vibration in their energetic system to a high enough level, the resistance to their desires is removed and the realty they want flows into their experience.

The second half of the book “Ask and It Is Given” is spent explaining the techniques one can employ to release the resistance in their system based on their current emotional set point. This is where the book shines and is truly revolutionary as tool for anyone wishing to advance spiritually.

An initial exposure to the concepts put forth by Esther Hicks might lead one to think she is solely concerned with people getting what they want out of life. Admittedly this was my impression when first learning of Abraham while watching the movie “The Secret”.

My theory is that these teaching put forth under the name of Abraham are subtly designed to help a soul progress spiritually. Like the writings of Eckart Tolle, the books by Esther Hicks introduce concepts that evolve a person spiritually. The concepts are purposely presented in a way that doesn’t directly conflict with the religious dogma so many of us have incorporated into our personal belief systems.

Hopefully you’ll be open enough to allow yourself the opportunity to study the teachings of Abraham. Let you intuition be your guide and you’ll probably find the wonderful benefits of utilizing the information that Esther Hicks talks and writes about.