Tarot Reading For Yourself

People utilize tarot cards in two distinct ways, either to read for themselves or have a professional psychic read for them. Much can be gained from each of these types of tarot readings. This article is intended to provide an understanding of how someone is able to read their own tarot cards and how it … Read more

How Tarot Readings Work

The majority of people in modern day think of tarot cards as a mysterious way to tell the future. After this explanation you should be much more comfortable in how tarot cards can be used by a skilled intuitive to gain insight into a situation or provide answers to questions. Tarot cards are, in the … Read more

The Different Kinds of Psychics

Psychic is a broad term often used to describe people with intuitive abilities. In truth psychics differ in their abilities and the methods they use to facilitate those talents. In the same way, a doctor might be a general practitioner, pediatrician, chiropractor, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and so forth. Psychic Abilities First we’ll go over the most … Read more

True Love

At San Diego Psychic our clients ask for help with their romantic life more than any other issue. Let’s go over why people so frequently want help with their love life, some of the common misperceptions clients have about love, and the solutions we as psychics help our clients find. We estimate only 15% of … Read more

Ideal Psychic Client

At San Diego Psychic our ideal client has several characteristics. A client may be visiting a psychic just for fun or to resolve a serious issue in their life. Regardless of the importance of the reading to the client, if they can keep the following in mind they’ll receive the maximum benefit from the reading. … Read more

Abraham Hicks “Ask and It is Given”, Spiritual Book Review

In this powerful book Esther Hicks has taken the concept of each person creating their own reality to an entirely new level. Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham explain how one creates their own reality and then provides techniques one can employ to manifest what a person wants in life. If you haven’t yet … Read more