Tarot Reading For Yourself

People utilize tarot cards in two distinct ways, either to read for themselves or have a professional psychic read for them. Much can be gained from each of these types of tarot readings. This article is intended to provide an understanding of how someone is able to read their own tarot cards and how it differs from a professional tarot reading.

Many people, looking for insight into their life, visit psychics for a tarot card reading. The client is relying on the psychic to interpret the meaning of the cards. A skilled psychic knows how to create a positive intention during the reading so answers can be revealed that will help the client live a happier and fuller life. A professional psychic also has an advanced level of intuition that allows them to interpret the complete meaning of all the cards laid down.

Others take the time to learn tarot so they can read for themselves. By understanding how to interpret tarot cards a person can gain meaning into all the influences in their life at a moment in time. It is important for people to understand that the process of reading for oneself is quite different than having a psychic read for them. Interpreting your own tarot cards is not better or worse than going to a psychic, just different.

The tarot cards are illustrated to display many of the universal archetypes that permeate our shared universal consciousness and understanding of the world. Carl Jung brought the ideas of archetypes and the collective unconscious into the mainstream during the twentieth century.

When reading tarot cards for yourself you’ll be relying upon the universal meaning that people accept for each of the archetypes represented in the cards. At the same time, most importantly, you’ll be projecting your own life’s history and understanding of reality onto the cards which appear during the reading. In the same way, therapists base much of their interpretation of a patient based on his own projected understanding of himself.

Projecting your interpretation of the cards images is what makes tarot cards valuable for someone reading for themselves. This personal interpretation will allow you to consciously understand aspects of yourself, and your life, that may have been hidden. This personal projection and interpretation is much different than the use of intuition used by psychics in interpreting the tarot.

Everyone has some degree of intuition. Unfortunately in the west our culture has largely ignored the importance of intuition. As a result most people have not developed their intuition to any great degree.

Your level of intuitive ability will be very different from that of a professional psychic. A skilled psychic was likely born with a more open sixth chakra and has consciously developed their intuition over years of practice.

In summary a person reading their own cards will be relying on personal projection and interpretation of their own unconscious to gain meaning from the tarot. A psychic, reading for a client, will utilize their intention and advanced intuitive ability to interpret the tarot for the benefit of the client.